Times When Vanderpump Rules Cast Members Partied Way Too Hard

Tom Schwartz Vanderpump Rules

It’s no secret that the Vanderpump Rules cast members know how to have a good time. With several bartenders turned bar owners within the group, mixed drinks and blacked-out nights are commonplace. Even though a few of these wild personalities are now sober, their past antics will forever live on. Shout-out to the magic that is the internet and streaming apps.

Over the years, some of these feral nights out have made for hysterical television. Other times, various characters have been seen going too far. Flag down Scheana Shay for a Pinot Grigio and settle in, as these are the times when the Vanderpump Rules cast members, past and present, partied way too hard.

Beer Pours and Shirtless Punches


When Vanderpump Ruled debuted, Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor‘s heated relationship was front and center. Like many of his Bravo costars, Jax has never met a woman that he couldn’t cheat on, and Stassi was no exception. For Stassi’s 21st birthday party, the group traveled to Las Vegas. As she was on a break from Jax due to his cheating, Stassi brought along her new beau Frank, but guess who still showed up?

When her uninvited ex walked into the bar, he and Stassi engaged in a heated conversation. Weirdly and wrongly sticking up for Jax, Tom Schwartz replied for his red-faced friend by saying "f**k you, Stassi," just before pouring a full serving of beer over her head, twice.

But wait. There’s more.

For reasons that definitely involve liquor, Jax, Frank, and Tom Sandoval then became entangled in a drunken, shirtless brawl, right in the middle of a strip mall parking lot. It was all a confusing, pointless, and messy ride. This group clearly partied too hard in Vegas.

“You Grew Up and You Became Sia”


Leading up to Schwartz and Katie Maloney‘s since-failed marriage, the group took a booze-filled joint Bachelor/Bachelorette trip to New Orleans in Season 5. As Schwartz had been discovered cheating on Katie, everyone appeared to be mad at the world. Things came to a head the night that Schwartz, Sandoval, Jax, and Ariana Madix dressed up in drag, making this episode all the more entertaining to watch.

Using the often seen route of deflection, Sandoval stuck up for his cheating friend Schwartz by continually bringing up Kristen Doute‘s history with cheating. Yeah, aware, this deflection didn’t connect any dots that helped to justify Schwartz’s cheating with us either. Kristen’s then boyfriend Carter delivered a sick burn to Sandoval in return though, saying "Everybody grows up Tom, and you grew up to be…Sia."

Stassi was seen poking her head around the corner, while Jax hid in his room, shielding his now-wife Brittany Cartwright. This messy night ended with Sandoval calling Schwartz a "battered wife.” At this, he kicked open the bathroom door to reveal a wasted Schwartz sitting on the toilet, head in hands. It was all like being on an acid-trip, showcasing yet again that this cast sometimes parties way too hard.

Jax and James Vs Absinthe


I’ll apologize to no one for what I’m about to say. I love when James Kennedy and Jax are friends. Yes, these guys have both been terribly problematic over the years, but when their vastly different personalities combine, scenes that I could watch for days always transpire. In once such setting during Season 6, the boys got together and drank Absinthe, completely loosing their minds in the process.

When James stated that Absinthe can cause hallucinations, Jax responded that he was freaking out, but then he began to count the pictures on the walls. Jax then began to see dots while James used his hands to dance, making a box around his head. Showing James that he could remove his finger, Jax began to perform “magic tricks,” causing James to drunkenly yell “whhaaaaaaat?” in awe of his buddy’s amazing skills. After saying that he could see God, the past, the present, and the future, Jax wondered how they’d get home.

These boys partied way too hard. Honestly though, I hope that history repeats itself with this one, as this scene was one for the Vanderpump Rules best-of record books.

Mexico, Tampa, and the Missing Schwartz


Season 6 had another wild showing during a cast trip to Mexico. During dinner, Jax announced that he’d been offered a job in Tampa, further causing tension with his then-girlfriend Brittany. A screaming match ensued, as Lala Kent and Stassi tried to defend their friend against Jax. Sandoval, who cannot verbally compete with Stassi but sure tries, defended Jax, while Ariana hid behind a napkin.

After this meal-gone-mad ended, a drunken Schwartz completely disappeared, only to resurface at another hotel the next day. Also occurring on this trip, James, Kristen, and Schwartz took a drunken bike ride to the beach. Schwartz fell off of his bike and chose to stay put, as a pool was nearby. Jax then started rumors that James and Kristen hooked-up once Schwartz left their trio.

Basically, all of the Vanderpump Rules cast members likely needed a long detox after partying this hard.


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