Netflix Series Hierarchy Actor Kim Jae-Won Added to JTBC K-Drama The Life of Mrs. Ock

Kim Jae-Won (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Netflix series Hierarchy actor Kim Jae-Won will embark on his next project soon. He will star in the JTBC K-drama The Life of Mrs. Ock alongside Chu Young-Woo, Lim Ji-Yeon, and Yeon-Woo. The historical drama follows the story of a woman who lives with a fake name, identity, and husband. She crosses paths with an entertainer who risks his life to protect her. As of now, the release date is unknown. 

All the cast members, including the newly added Hierarchy’s Kim Jae-Won, will play interesting roles in the JTBC K-drama. Set in the Joseon Era, The Life of Mrs. Ock will tell a woman’s story of survival. Director Jin-Hyuk, famous for The Legend of the Blue Sea, The Master’s Sun, Doctor Stranger, and others, is directing the series. Meanwhile, Park Ji-Sook of Uncle and The Spring Day of My Life is serving as the writer of the K-drama. 

JTBC K-Drama The Life of Mrs. Ock cast: Hierarchy’s Kim Jae-Won, The Glory’s Lim Ji-Yeon & more

The Joseon Era K-drama The Life of Mrs. Ock follows the journey of a woman named Ok Tae-Young (Lim Ji-Yeon), who is from outside the Joseon Dynasty. A legal expert and an all-rounder, Tae-Young is well respected and admired. However, she is hiding a secret. Soon, she crosses paths with Cheon Seung-Hwi (Chu Young-Woo), known as Joseon’s best entertainer. He is instantly attracted to Tae-Young and goes above and beyond to protect her. 

On Tuesday, June 11, 2024, multiple media outlets reported that Hierarchy actor Kim Jae-Won and Bitter Sweet Hell actress Yeon Woo are joining the cast of this JTBC historical K-drama. Yeon Woo plays the role of Cha Mi-Ryeong, a woman with a kind heart who goes out of her way to help people. She comes across Tae-Young and grows interested in the latter’s work. However, Mi-Ryeong also holds a secret that she can’t reveal. 

Meanwhile, Kim Jae-Won plays Seong Do-Gyeom, a man that noble families in the neighborhood desire. He always respects and relies on his sister-in-law, Tae-Young, as she’s supported him since childhood. All characters have their secrets that gradually come out. 

Stay tuned for more updates about the JTBC K-drama The Life of Mrs. Ock.

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