Netflix's Kota Factory Season 3 Trailer Reveals Release Date 

The main cast of Kota Factory season 3 (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Netflix has recently dropped the trailer for the highly anticipated Kota Factory season 3, revealing that the series will start streaming on June 20, 2024. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the return of Jeetu Bhaiya, played by Panchayat 3's Jitendra Kumar. Now, he is finally back to guide his students through the intense preparation for the IIT entrance exams. 

Netflix's Kota Factory season 3 to release soon

On June 11, 2024, Netflix India unveiled the official trailer of Kota Factory season 3, revealing the return of fans’ favorite cast members. In this season, Jeetu Bhaiya will continue teaching his students through the challenging exam preparation journey. Joining him is a new character, a chemistry teacher played by Tillotama Shome.

The trailer opens with Jeetu Bhaiya speaking on a podcast, emphasizing the significance of preparation over securing a seat. He states, “Jeet ki tayyari nahi, tayyari hi jeet hai bhai (It is not just the preparation for victory but that preparation is victory, brother),” highlighting the immense pressure faced by students and the need to motivate them rightly. The tension within the upcoming season of Kota Factory is palpable. After all, Vaibhav and his friends will be seen wrestling with doubts about their readiness for the tests. While others approach the impending exams seemingly more calmly, Vaibhav appears more agitated than before. 

According to Netflix, “As the new season of the black-and-white series unfolds, the students inch toward adulthood, grappling with fears and aspirations as final exams loom. Pondering what the future may hold. Meanwhile, fan-favorite Jeetu Bhaiya must come to terms with his own role as a mentor following the tragic cliffhanger from Season 2. After all, growing up isn't just for the kids; it's a never-ending dilemma, no matter how old you get.”

As the release date approaches, fans eagerly anticipate what will happen in Kota Factory season 3 and whether Vaibhav and his friends will pass the exams.

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