Spencer & Heidi Pratt Dish On Reality Stardom In Brand New Podcast

Spencer & Heidi Pratt Dish On Reality Stardom In Brand New Podcast

Spencer and Heidi Pratt are opening up about their stance on reality star fame.

The couple, who came to fame on The Hills together, married in 2008 and share two children, and in their brand new podcast, dished about the ups and downsides of their kind of fame and their thoughts on a reality star union.

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The podcast, called Speidi’s 16th Minute, a play on extended their 15 minutes of fame.

“Since day one of us being in the entertainment business, everyone's always saying, 'Oh, your 15 minutes is up,' which I totally respect and appreciate all those supporters," Spencer told THR ahead of the podcast debut. “But I feel like we've been working on this 16th minute now at least since 2006. I'm not saying we're the most relevant people ever, but I feel like we're always trying to stay in the game. I appreciate the concept of 15 minutes of fame, and I like the idea of trying to get a 16th minute.”

The two also spoke about the possible reality star union, which was suggested at first by Bethenny Frankel.

Spencer was very clear in his thoughts about it, and doesn’t want it to happen.

“A reality show is like getting a scratcher at the liquor store, it's a win-win,” he explained. “Actors have a craft that they've mastered. Going out and being reckless and drinking champagne and arguing with people about petty things, you don't need a union for that. That's called a blessing. You can't compare what acting, directing and writing is to having somebody film you having drama in your life.”

Speidi's 16th Minute podcast will have new episodes every Wednesday, through Spotify and other platforms.