16 Stars Who Won't Touch Their Face With Botox

From Sarah Jessica Parker to Jennifer Lopez, these celebs are opting to gracefully embrace the aging process -- and they look amazing doing it!

Celebrities face the constant pressure to look picture-perfect all the time, so many have turned to cosmetic procedures and anti-aging injectables in the hopes of always looking their best. While Botox and fillers are the right choice for some stars, others have vowed to keep it natural. These celebs claim that they've never touched their face, despite the pressure to get work done. Instead, they're opting to gracefully embrace the aging process -- and they look amazing doing it!

Read on to hear what these celebs had to say about Botox…

1. Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulsonisn't interested in altering her appearance, especially when it comes to Botox or other injectables. She says that most people probably know she's in her late 40s since she hasn't gone under the knife -- and she doesn't have any plans to despite personally noticing her aging.

"Well, [because] I don't shoot anything into my face at this particular juncture, I imagine everyone knows I'm 49," Sarah joked while speaking with Interview Magazine. "Sometimes I'm backstage doing this play, Appropriate, and I'm thinking, 'Wow, I'm making these facial expressions multiple times a day all day for months on end. I've never had those lines in between my eyebrows.' Well, I expect when I'm done with this play, they'll be there permanently."

2. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parkerhasn't ever gotten Botox and she has no plans to in the future. The actress says that Hollywood places too much of an emphasis on aging for females and she'd rather gracefully age naturally.

"I can't speak for other people, and I'm not opposed to anyone doing anything. It's just not something I choose to do," she told The Telegraph before pointing out that her profession depends on her being expressive. "Also, I'm an actor -- I have to move my eyebrows. I'm meant to be sharing emotion and communicating with my face, which, for me, needs to move."

She said her husband, Matthew Broderick, probably wouldn't be a big fan of it either, adding, "Also, my husband would be like, 'Huh?' This is just how I feel for me, and absolutely doesn't mean the same applies for someone else. We are all different and I love that about women. People must choose to do what they want, and find a way that makes them feel better when they walk out of the door."

3. Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis doesn't use Botox or any injectables and thinks that the trend of people undergoing cosmetic procedures is becoming obsessive. After once going under the knife for a minor plastic surgery procedure in the 1980s, she developed an opioid addiction and now wants nothing to do with any sort of face-altering.

"The current trend of fillers and procedures, and this obsession with filtering, and the things that we do to adjust our appearance on Zoom are wiping out generations of beauty," she told Fast Company. "Once you mess with your face, you can't get it back."

4. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has no plans to use Botox and has jokingly said she believes in "no-tox." The actress explained that it doesn't allow you to move your face and sometimes ends up making people look older.

"There is…this pressure in Hollywood to be ageless. I think what I have been witness to, is seeing women trying to stay ageless with what they are doing to themselves. I am grateful to learn from their mistakes because I am not injecting s--t into my face," she told Yahoo Beauty.

5. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore says that so far in her life, she's avoided injections in her face like Botox and fillers. While she's abstained thus far, she admits that she's not completely ruling it out in the future but doesn't think it's the best idea due to her addictive personality.

"I've never done anything to my face and I would like to try not to. Never say never," she said on an episode of The Drew Barrymore Showin 2021, adding, "The thing that I do care about and I do feel is still relevant to my life is the face. I know myself. I'm a highly addictive person. I do one injection, I'm going to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein by Friday."

6. Jennifer Lopez

Early in her career, a dermatologist told Jennifer Lopez that she should start using Botox. She was just 23 at the time and she declined -- and says that she has still never used the injectable to this day.

"[The dermatologist] said, 'Did you know you have a little line right here? We should start Botox.' I mean, I had to be 23 years old, right? And I was like, 'I'm going to pass,'" she said while discussing her beauty line in 2020. "I just wonder what would've happened to me if I would've started Botox at 23, what I would look like right now. My face would be a totally different face today."

She continued, "I'm real. I haven't ever had Botox to this day. I'm not that person. I don't have anything against people doing that; it's just not my thing … I'm not saying one day I won't, but I haven't yet."

7. Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps knows people believe that she's had work done but she says she had "no Botox, no fillers." In fact, she says she's disappointed when she sees young women getting work done to their faces especially because she knows people's faces are still changing and maturing at that age.

"I get disappointed when very young women start to f--k with their faces," she said on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast.  "My only point is that … 23-year-olds, calm down … Your face is going to change … you lose the baby fat."

8. Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari says that people began asking her if she had Botox when she was still in her early 20s. She says she was Botox-free back then and still is. While she doesn't judge others for using it, she says she's not a fan because she doesn't know how it will affect her longterm.

"People started asking me if I'd had Botox during interviews at, like, age 22. And I was so confused," she told Page Six Style in 2021. "I have fine lines on my face! I don't care. I'm really expressive. I like that my face moves. I'm not knocking Botox or fillers; to each their own. I just think for me and my life, it's not for me. They scare me, to be honest, because we don't know the long-term effects of the stuff. I think we should embrace aging!"

9. Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is often asked if she's had work done and she admits that she gets "pissed off" when people assume she's had Botox. While she is a fan of anti-aging facials, she says that she's "frightened of paralyzing [her] face" with injectables.

"I haven't had any [work done]. I'm not against people having it … It's sort of a given that I've had it, which I just literally haven't," she told The Times. "My mum's voice is in my head, very loud, at all times. My mum wouldn't even get a facial, she is suspicious of anything like that, and looks f--king radiant and amazing. I know if I did do Botox, I'd be the one that would get the droopy eye, and my mum would go, 'I f--king told you! See? You should never do that.'"

10. Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet has never had Botox as she says that as an actress, she doesn't want to freeze her facial expressions. While she now admits she has some wrinkles on her face, she says it doesn't change her morals or what she considers to be natural beauty.

"I have the kind of wrinkles that are here to stay now," she told People. "You know, not just the ones where you wake up in the morning and you go, 'Oh, that will go away in two hours' time.' No, they're there. That's the way that it is."

11. Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson says that the pressure that women constantly face to alter their appearance with cosmetic procedures is "psychotic." She prefers to keep things natural and hasn't turned to Botox despite pressure throughout her career.

"It's mad. It's not a normal thing to do, and the culture that we've created that says it's normal, is not normal," she told Hello! "Why do people ask persons to cut them open and put things into their body? … What is that, what are we doing to ourselves? It's chronically unhealthy."

12. Meryl Streep

Back in 2009, Meryl Streep shared that she refused to alter her appearance with cosmetic surgery or Botox. Looking at other actors who had chosen to make changes to their face, Meryl said it was like looking at someone with a "veil" on.

"When I see it in people I meet, it's like an interruption in communication with them," she shared with Vanity Fair. "It's like a flag in front of the view, and that, for an actor, is like wearing a veil -- it's not a good thing."

13. Tina Fey

Tina Fey hasn't used Botox before and she says she has no plans to freeze her face in the future. She joked that instead of any procedures to alter her appearance, she'll just stick to facial creams and big hats.

"I don't do Botox or any of that stuff, and I hope I never do. I'm just going to keep using firming creams and try to bring back hats with chin straps," she once told InStyle.

14. Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore shared back in 2010 that she had never used Botox before. She explained that she didn't like the way it changed people's appearances and thought it was too apparent that they had cosmetic treatments.

"I hate to condemn people for doing it, but I don't believe it makes people look better," she shared with Allure. "I think it just makes them look like they had something done to their face. When you look at somebody who's had their face altered in some way, it just looks weird."

15. Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke says that when she was just 28, a facialist told her she needed fillers. She immediately asked the woman to leave, sharing that she had no interest in altering her face. She explained that as an actress, she needs to be able to move her face and is afraid of what Botox might do to it.

"You hear about all your contemporaries getting it done and you're like, 'Does that mean I have to? Should I be doing that?'" she toldElle UK. "I work in an industry where I've got to move my face, and I've got to be expressive, and you can't light filler. You just can't light it. It doesn't look right, you look shiny and strange."

She continued, "If my job is telling me that I need to have anything more than possibly a bit of Botox when I'm 45 or whatever, then I'll stop doing the job. I've never had it because I'm petrified, and I definitely don't want it now, but I'm not saying I won't want it later. I'm allowing myself room to change my mind. But, I don't like the fact that it's suddenly become normal that everybody just gets work done."

16. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayekisn't interested in Botox because she says she doesn't think it's something that's good to do long-term. She explained that over time, you have to do more and more -- and she wants to age gracefully.

"I don't believe in Botox because your face doesn't move, and it's something you have to do for the rest of your life, more and more every time," Selma shared with DuJour.

She continued, "I don't look at things short term; I think of longevity. Listen, if there was something you could do that would keep you looking good, I would do it. But I'm in love with my husband, and I want to look like a lovely lady when I'm 70. I want him to see me and think, 'Okay, my girl is old now, but there's still beauty there.'"