Joe Jonas 'Livid' Over Sophie Turner Lawsuit -- Thinks She's Trying To Make Him Look Like A 'Horrible Father'!

Joe Jonas is Burnin' Up with rage!

After Sophie Turner filed a dramatic lawsuit amid their already contentious divorce earlier this week, sources are telling that the singer is "livid" with the latest developments. Speaking to the outlet on Friday, insiders said Joe thinks it's "disgusting" his ex is trying to make him look like a "horrible father" while "victimizing" their kids. Huh. Now the pot is calling the kettle black.

It was hard to miss. After the Waffle House performer filed for divorce, sources (who were obviously on his side) targeted the Game of Thrones lead, painting HER out to be the bad parent, such as by claiming she partied too much.

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Elaborating on how the 34-year-old singer-songwriter is holding up now that he’s been accused of abducting his kiddos (by not giving Sophie their passports so she can take them to the UK), the source dished:

"Joe is livid with the latest coming from Sophie, making him look like a horrible father. It is disgusting in his eyes what she has chosen to do. This is only going to be the start of stuff getting messier and messier and messier."

That kinda sounds like a threat, doesn’t it? Jeez…

The insider went on to say the Camp Rock alum is "frustrated" the separation is turning into a "nasty mess" after four years of marriage, sharing:

"Joe thought they were moving in a forward direction with the divorce and finding a way to co-parent but now it is just a nasty mess, and the latest lawsuit threw any type of positivity all off course."

He also seems annoyed he has to deal with the split in the spotlight, the insider added:

“With the divorce, Joe is also trying to steer his commitments with the Jonas Brothers tour and just get to the other side. Frustration is the emotion running through him right now and it doesn’t seem like that will be changing anytime soon.”

It’s gotta be super painful to get on stage and sing love songs about his ex night after night. It’s terrible timing, but then again, he’s the one who filed! He could’ve waited if he really wanted to…

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Meanwhile, a second source revealed the DNCE frontman is pissed the couple’s two “kids are the victims” in the divorce. Safe to say we’re all concerned for the little girls…


And he’s got some THOUGHTS about all these NYC girls’ night outs with TaylorSwift, calling the whole friendship staged! The confidant claimed:

“Sophie and Taylor are not close. Joe took Sophie to a show of Taylor’s, and it wasn’t even comped. Again, he is who filed for divorce. Read between the lines.”

LOLz! Not his camp complaining about having to pay for tickets! He’s getting salty about everything!

Despite seemingly threatening that the divorce will just get messier from here on out, the source concluded by insisting the Disney Channel alum is going to “take the high road,” explaining:

“Joe wants to take the high road and have an amicable resolution. He just wants to work out a compromise with Sophie so that they are both able to be present parents in their children’s lives. He loves his kids and she does too.”

With the way the divorce has played out so far, we really don’t see anyone taking “the high road.” They have some seriously complicated matters to figure out. Thoughts? Let us know (below)!

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