Irina Shayk Is Still Pursuing FUN With Tom Brady -- But Ultimately Wants To Marry Bradley Cooper?!

We’ve loved watching Irina Shayk and Tom Bradypursue passion together in recent months. But we shouldn’t count on this becoming a long-term thing!

That’s what insiders are now saying to Page Six, at least. In a report published by that outlet on Thursday, sources claim the supermodel still wants to ultimately settle down with ex-slash-baby daddy Bradley Cooper. Forever BCoop!

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Per that report, Shayk, who shares 6-year-old daughter Lea de Seine with the actor, “is still hoping to tie the knot and settle down” with the Wedding Crashers star.


An insider claims the duo has been on-again, off-again for so long at this point that it just seems like they’re pot-committed to one another:

“Years have been put into the relationship.”

That part is true, we suppose. But damn! Fate is moving that way?! So where does this leave our boy TB12?! Out in the cold??

FWIW, it sounds like the Hangover star is not at all jealous of what Irina’s got going on with the former New England Patriots signal-caller right now. Referencing the apparently casual nature of Shayk and Brady’s chemistry, a second source explained how Cooper feels about all that:

“[Shayk and Cooper] haven't been together in so long. They are co-parents and that's that. They are best friends. They are happy. Brad really likes Tom, and there is nothing but support.”

OK, that’s great about the lack of jealousy. But if Irina and Bradley are “co-parents and that's that,” like this source says, what’s up with the other insider claiming the model hopes to tie the knot with the 48-year-old actor one day?! Can it be both ways?? Is it only heading towards marriage in her mind? Or in her heart, rather? Hmm…

Regardless, the insider says Shayk will simply keep having fun with Tom only as long as Cooper isn’t ready to “lock things down” with her. The minute Bradley is back on board, Brady is getting dropped like the PSI levels in an AFC Championship ball! Well, well! That’s an interesting gambit, to be sure. Will it force his hand tho?!

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FWIW, another source spoke to that outlet about Tom’s long-term love plans, too, and it sounds like Irina isn’t in them either. That insider said this of the recently retired gridiron great:

“Brady is not interested in being serious with anyone right now. His priorities are his kids and his business interests. There will be more supermodels in his future.”

So he’s just having fun with the Russian-born supermodel, she’s just having fun with him, neither one is down to commit long-term to each other, Tom will soon have more models to meet, and she’s ultimately going to head back to the Silver Linings Playbook star. Is that the playbook for how this is going to turn out?!

Obviously, time will tell on all that. But Cooper-related revelations aside, it sounds like Tom and Irina might be quite a bit more casual than previous insiders have pondered.

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