What Is Laura-Leigh From Vanderpump Rules Doing Now?

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When Vanderpump Rules premiered in 2013, Laura-Leigh was there. Like her costars, Laura-Leigh grew messy rather quickly. First, she hooked up in the bathroom with Jax Taylor, right after he broke up with Stassi Schroeder. Then, she brought Jax to her AA meeting, where he learned that she was one week sober from alcohol and meth.

Jax dumped her. Laura-Leigh retaliated with "Sorry I’ve been f*cking you every day without protection, and been inside of you and told you really intimate things every day." Following this, she and her high-pitched voice disappeared into the LA smog. Right before she left though, she held her own, stating that neither Jax nor Stassi would ever make her leave.

Instead, they would have to deal with her, until an acting job allowed her to quit. “And then when I’m walking on the red carpet, and I’ve got my own TV show, you’re gonna look at me and say ‘I should have been nice to her,'” she told Jax.  Confession time. I loved Laura-Leigh, but I was always worried about her fragility. Thankfully, this queen did exactly what she said she was going to do, and she’s now staying booked and busy.

Call her Boner Garage

In the Season 1 finale, Laura-Leigh got her first big break. This allowed her to quit her job at SUR, with pretty big bragging rights on the side. “A huge movie,” she explained to her boss Lisa Vanderpump, while turning in her uniform. “A huge movie with Jennifer Aniston. I’m playing opposite of her and I fly out tonight at 10 p.m. to go shoot in North Carolina.”

In response, "Lisa took to her confessional, where she quipped "It’s exactly what she needs. She needs to hightail it out of here, and she needs to get as far away from Jax and Stassi as possible." I agreed with the 'ol LVP on this one.

For her first role, Laura-Leigh transformed into Kymberly, aka a stripper with the stage name of Boner Garage, in We're the Millers. Now, this wasn't a major part. However, she went from arguing with Jax to reciting her lines alongside an A-lister. Therefore, I'd call this a win.

My Roman Empire’s stacked past

The thing is, Laura-Leigh’s past saw her always aiming for a film career. Well before moving to LA, she studied at The Juilliard School in Manhattan, which is pretty hard to get into. While there, she met Gillian Jacobs. On Watch What Happens Live, Gillian dished about their meeting.

“I was about two years out of college, and one of the teachers called me and said, ‘We have this student who really wants to do indie films. Will you talk to her?’ because I was primarily doing very low-budget indie films.” They then met up for coffee. At the time, neither could have ever guessed just how iconic, in their own ways, the other would eventually become.

Following this, but still well before she ever put on her micro dress for Pump Rules, Laura-Leigh started booking smaller gigs. For example, she made guest appearances on Gossip Girl, Law & Order, and Numbers. She also had a recurring role in Jennifer Love Hewitt's series, The Client List. That's not all though, as this woman, who would later go on to hold Jax accountable for all of his sh*t, also appeared in The Ward, Lost Angeles, and Bad Girls.

Laura-Leigh stays winning

After filming We're the Millers, Laura-Leigh went on to appear in Tooken, which was a spoof of the movie Taken. Following this, she went on to snag a role in the film Under the Silver Lake, starring Andrew Garfield. She also made a guest appearance on the TV series, Blue Bloods. Currently, Laura-Leigh doesn’t seem to be working on anything major, other than living her best life with her dog.

Hey Laura-Leigh, if you are reading this, it’s time that you popped on over to The Valley. Once you get there, put Brittany Cartwright in your ride. Then, you two ladies drive past 93 modern farmhouses, until you find Jax’s place. Pull in, go inside, and help Brittany read Jax for filth because he needs it, and also because you were just so good at it during VPR Season 1.

She doesn't, however, stay in touch with the SUR'vers

My above request is a long shot. To explain, in 2023, Katie Maloney appeared on WWHL, where she revealed that she had reached out to Laura-Leigh. However, "She left me on read," Katie responded. Seems like what Laura-Leigh once stated is true, that once she booked herself that first main role, she was out for good.


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