All Star Shore Season 2, Episode 1 Recap: Does Exile Mean Ex-Lover?

All Star Shore recap
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All Star Shore is back, which can only mean one thing. Some of reality television’s rowdiest, most chaotic stars are set to compete for a huge cash prize. We’ve got Jersey Shore royalty in Vinny Guadagnino, British Geordie Shore contenders in Marnie Simpson and Chantelle Connelly, and even Too Hot To Handle fan-favorites Chase DeMoor and Melinda Berry. There’s even FBOY Island winner Tamaris Sepulveda joining the fray.

Germany Shore’s Hati Suarez and Fabio de Pasquale, Rio Shore’s Gui Evaristo, Warsaw Shore’s Patryk Spiker, and Acapulco Shore’s Isa Castro and Xavi Ulibarri round out the cast. It’s a recipe for chaos, and that’s exactly what we got in the first episode. Here’s everything that went down in All Star Shore Season 2, Episode 1.

Everybody wants a piece of Chase

All Star Shore recap
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We’re in Colombia, and we’ve got none other than Snooki narrating this season. Vinny has arrived, and recalls how his fellow Jersey Shore legend, Angelina, “failed miserably” in All Star Shore’s debut season. He’s hoping to right those wrongs, and wouldn’t mind picking up a showmance along the way. As he and the rest of the cast board a boat to the beach, it quickly becomes clear that there’s a favorite among the group.

Chase is the biggest guy in this bunch, so naturally, everybody wants him on their team. Chantelle might even want a little bit more, if that twinkle in her eye is anything to go by. The cast jump straight into the action, when they’re tasked with swimming into the ocean and collecting one of six small bottles, to get a chance to spin the large bottle back on the beach. Well, nearly everybody gets involved. Tamaris and Melinda immediately give up. The Geordie ladies try their hardest, but just end up flashing their boobs to everybody.

Predictably, the six men claim the bottles, which means the six women must choose a spot around the giant bottle. Each man then gets to spin the bottle, and whoever it lands on is their partner for the season. Whoever they’re partnered up with could mean the difference between winning a share of the $150,000 grand prize, or going home empty-handed.

The teams are decided

All Star Shore recap
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As Chantelle tries to come to terms with what “exile” means (no, it’s not an ex-lover!), the teams are decided. But when Striker is automatically paired with Melinda because of the five bottle spins before him, she gets to make a big decision. She can move teams, but it would mean giving up the biggest point share of the bunch. She doesn’t care; she’s had her eyes on Chase from the start. They may not be the best of friends, but she’s thinking strategically. This means the teams are as follows:

  • Xavi and Isa
  • Gui and Marnie
  • Fabio and Hati
  • Vinny and Tamaris
  • Chase and Melinda
  • Spiker and Chantelle

“It’s already starting to get a little bit messy,” Chantelle says. Melinda better watch out, or those “gun fingers” will be pointing in her direction before too long.

Vinny’s already in an All Star Shore love triangle

All Star Shore recap
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It’s been a while since Vinny has been around so many single women. He’s trying his best to be good, but he has a huge crush on both Tamaris and Melinda. As the group parties at the Shore House – which is absolutely stunning – he pulls Tamaris aside for a chat. They come to the realization that they share the same birthday, which Tamaris sees as a sign they are “meant to be.” Her flirt game is strong, but Melinda isn’t having it.

Amid a game of Truth or Dare, where Vinny and Tamaris eventually return to the table, Gui dares Vinny to kiss someone of his choice on the lips. He sits in silence and struggles to make up his mind. Chantelle comes to his aid and kisses him to make the awkwardness subside. “Never fall in love day one,” Vinny says in confessional.

Melinda then takes the opportunity to get Vinny alone. She asks why he didn’t pick someone to kiss and thinks Chantelle shouldn’t have kissed him. He actually thinks Chantelle did him a favor so he didn’t get into trouble. He’s not looking for any salty repercussions, so he takes his chance to slip away from the fun and go to bed.

Some others follow suit, but a handful of the stars stay up partying. Chantelle gets a nasty injury on her foot when she rips off her toenail, resulting in a needle injection to release the tension. It looks painful, but she’s had too much to drink to feel it.

Time for the first All Star Shore Season 2 challenge

All Star Shore recap
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Before heading to Paradise Beach for the first challenge, Vinny and Melinda take the opportunity to flirt some more. It comes to a crashing halt however, when Tamaris walks over. She makes the first power move in demanding he stop speaking to “the enemy,” before taking one of Melinda’s grapes and dragging Vinny away. Bam!

The challenge is called Foam Party, and whoever finishes in first place will get to spend the next day riding ATV’s, and enjoying a rock jacuzzi. Sounds like an awesome prize! Whoever comes last will be one of the first teams to compete in the Exile Games. That’s not somewhere you want to be.

While the puzzles on this challenge were simple, a lot of the reality stars struggled with their spelling. Vinny and Tamaris rocked it, finishing in record speed and taking first place, along with 300 points. Fabio and Hati took 200 points for second, while Chantelle and Spiker claimed 100 points in third. Fourth place was Chase and Melinda, despite an initial struggle, and the elements meant that Xavi and Isa went from frontrunners to fifth place. This left Marnie and Gui in sixth. Vinny and Tamaris would get to decide who faced them, but we won’t find out their decision until the next episode.

They’re already having sex

All Star Shore recap
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Back at the Shore House, it’s time for a Toga Party! The drinks are flowing, and there is plenty of lust floating around the entire building. Tamaris offers Chase a first-row seat to watching her shower, and Melinda sneakily tells him he should distract her because she has a crush on him. Whatever it takes to divide her and Vinny!

Elsewhere, Gui and Isa are getting involved in an early showmance. Their makeout session soon takes them to their bedroom, where he whips off his pants and gets down to business. The two of them are LOUD, and the others comment on how “musty” that room must smell. Gross.

All Star Shore Season 2 continues Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.


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